February 6

A Hoppy Fall

Blueberry flavored


In the microbrewery industry, we love to work with local ingredients. This popular little blue fruit picked during the fall compliments perfectly with craft beer. Therefore, here are two blueberry beer suggestions !

Beluette (5,8 %)
Blueberry Sour Ale - Microbrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean
It’s only by going through the Laurentides park and get on the Lac St-Jean side to get to Microbrasserie du Lac. It’s in the heart of the blueberry paradise that we brew the Beluette, a sour twist on another blueberry beer. The acidity that we taste as soon as our lips touch the beer combined with the blue fruit reminds us oddly of sour candies. The Beluette is a refreshing beer with a good blueberry finish.

Blueberry and Pu’Er tea Ale – Brasserie Générale (Quebec City)
St-Gervais-de-Pu’Er is a seasonal beer available once a year during the fall. The blueberries used for this brew are picked in Saint-Gervais, south from Quebec City in Beauce. The slightly earthy flavour from the fruit is mixed with a particular tea aged in Chinese grottos. Pu’Er tea has, in fact, unique aromas and brings a nice complexity to this beer that is quite easy to drink.