October 21

Achieve your goals


By definition, a goal is a desire, a wish. A goal is something that is possible to achieve. What is the difference between the person who is going to achieve their goals and the one who will not?

Their plan to victory.
Yes, the plan. You want to accomplish an Ironman? Wow! You want to start your own business? Perfect! Now, how are you going to make it happen? What is your plan?
Just to be clear, I talk about strategy rather than a training plan. What are the concrete actions you will do in order to be ready for when the right moment will come? I only realized I needed a plan when I started doing triathlons. My agenda became my best ally.

Every workout was noted, just like any other appointment. I now require this organisation in everything I do.
Do not forget that this goal of yours could become one of the most rewarding accomplishment of your life. It’s huge! I am not even exaggerating when I say that… which is why it is so important to first establish your plan in order to get there.
It’s great to have goals… we still have to think of ways to achieve them.