June 14

Fall Products That Are The Bomb !


Rosehip Omega Face Oil by Boscia
Discover the ultimate youth oil
Boscia take advantage of the infinite power coming from plants to illuminate and better your skin. The brand promotes the exploration and transformation of skin care routines to turn them into fun processes. This face oil is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and concentrated fat omega acids that work together to hydrate, regenerate, and clear your skin. Apply two to three drops on your face in the morning or at night, or blend the oil to your foundation for an instant glow.

Hydrating Mist by Shakti Cosmetics
Free Your Skin from Urban Pollution!
Shakti Cosmetics face and body product line is created with natural, organic, and certified COSMOS-ECOCERT active ingredients. This mist frees the pores, rebalance the skin’s level of pH, get rid of bacteria causing acne, and allows your pores to absorb face creams by Shakti Cosmetics!

Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb by Lush
The Pumpkin Powder Incredibly Soothing Effects
We were all waiting for it, the horrifying Halloween collection by lunch, more pumpkin spiced than ever. Enjoy Lush’s unique and aromatic products that glow in the dark (Boo! shower slime, Bewitched bubble bar) and the beloved Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb that creates citrusy aromas to boost your day!

Nail polish by Nailmatic
Celebrate Halloween All the Way Down to Your Fingertips
You will be bewitched by this water-based nail polish duet by Nailmatic. These products display a slightly sparkling black colour. Easy to apply, you can get rid of the product with soap and water or directly in the bath. Without any phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, and aromas, these Halloween themed goodies are perfect for a themed evening.