June 8

Gourmet Outings


A New Chef for Bistro B
Last September, Bistro B, on Cartier Avenue, announced the arrival of their new chef, Andrée-Ann Lachance, into its team. Known to have been a finalist on the 2018 edition of Les Chefs! and for her previous work at Ciel! Bistro-Bar, Andrée-Ann joins a seasoned team, led by chefs François Blais and Kéven Tremblay.

Caramel F.A.A. Wins Over Quebecers
The excitement around local products plays in favour of the young entrepreneurs behind CARAMELS F.A.A., who saw their sales triple over the last year with over 95 new selling spots and three times the number of units sold! As if it was easy to resist homemade caramel … made with love (F.A.A.).

ARVI ranked amongst Canada’s Best New Restaurant 2019
Air Canada’s prestigious magazine, enRoute, ranked ARVI restaurant, on 3e Avenue in Québec City, amongst Canada’s Best New Restaurant 2019.
With an out of the box concept “Free cooking. Free team,” ARVI erases the line between the kitchen and the dining area. The restaurant guests are literally sitting in chef Julien Masia’s kitchen. ARVI is in line to be on the desired top 10 of Air Canada’s magazine, enRoute, Canada’s Best New Restaurant 2019. The list will be revealed next October 24 in Toronto.