December 6

Great fashion from home

Jackets made in Québec!


As the fashion industry becomes more eco-conscious, supporting our local designers while shopping for warm and affordable outerwear can be difficult. So … do you accept the challenge?

Created in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Alizée innovates their jack design continuously. Constructed with 60% recycled materials, the brand’s 2019 jackets contain a double layer made of reused material. Alizée used 56,724 bottles to create their jackets!

For 40 years now, Audvik offer high-end, timeless, and durable jackets entirely conceived and designed in Montréal. This year, the company proudly released its first eco-conscious collection made entirely of recycled fishing nets collected in the ocean.

Norden, a Montréal-based clothing company, offers elegant and efficient outdoor clothing made of recycled plastic. Is your Norden jacket still in a good shape, but doesn’t fit you anymore? You can return it to the company and they will fix it, sell it again, or donate it to those who need it.