March 8

It's patio szn!

Our top picks for August


The constantly growing craft beer industry in Quebec offers us a wide array of beer to try. It is almost impossible to taste every beer released in one year! Therefore, here are some of the best fruit beers from local microbreweries...

Lime & Raspberry Pale Ale
Lime & Raspberry Blond beer (5%) - Barberie (Quebec)

This beer is the classic summer beer, brewed by Barberie in the St-Roch area. This perfect marriage between the lime’s acidity and the fruity notes of the raspberries has been quenching many thirsts on patios in the city for quite some times now. An ideal beer to initiate picky taste buds to craft beer. Please note: this beer is even better when savoured on Barberie’s patio!


Sour Cherry White beer (5%) - Brasserie Générale (Québec)

Once again, this beer has been a classic around town as it has been brewed for several years by a Brasserie Générale, a local microbrewery. Available all year round, Hanami is even more appreciated during hot summer days. Its blush colour, aroma, and cherry taste seduces most. You will want to keep sipping on that fresh, slightly bitter, beer!