September 26

Le Radar Musical

Discovery of the month


If you are a live-music bar enthusiast, you are most likely already familiar with Alex Richard. From the Magdalen Islands, he has been performing for you for a while now, and not only in bars, but also as the lead singer of the band Bodh’aktan.

Composed of seven musicians, Bodh’aktan has a wide musical repertoire including celtic music, punk, rock, traditional, Acadian, and much more! Not so common in Québec, right? Knowing Alex Richard personally, I was expecting nothing less but an incredible performance from him when I first saw him with his band. In fact, I was actually speechless after the show. The group’s energy is simply contagious and exciting.

Lately, the singer gifted us with a solo project, the single Pour Elle. With this song, he shows us a new side of him with a folk beat and more emotional lyrics than we are used to hear from him.

Get both of Bodh’aktan albums and the single Pour elle, a snippet of Alex Richard’s incredible talent.

Ciao !

Etienne Dupuis