August 1

My Dear Etienne, It's Your Turn !


This month, it’s our columnist himself who is releasing his new single “Mes cordes rouillées” (indeed, he sings and writes!) With his unique style blending country and pop, Étienne presents a truly authentic song in collaboration with Olivier Couture, a local singer-songwriter.

“Mes cordes rouillées”, is inspired by some of his friends as well as his brother, all passionate about musical just like himself, but unlike Étienne, for various reasons, have been forsaken their instrument lately.

“ I was inspired by members of my entourage with whom I have played music before. They haven’t stopped to play completely, but definitely less than in the past. I also wanted to write the song as if it was the guitar talking and not the musician to bring a different point of view. ” - Étienne Dupuis

Following its two original songs, “Belle Gaspésie” and “On s'connait pas”, you can hear Étienne’s music on Franco Country radio channels such as Stingray, Sirius, and other radio stations across Quebec and New-Brunswick. Stay tuned for his next concert dates by following his Facebook page @EtiennedupuisMusique !