July 5

Perfect beers for the Fall


Here are two totally different beer, both quite appropriate for fall. One of them is inspired by the seasonal fruit: the apple. The other one is a comforting, yet refreshing, black beer.

Turbo Max Plus (6.6%)
Black IPA—Ras l’Bock (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli)

Ras l’Bock microbrewery is foremost a crew of creative and talented brewers. The brewery also has one of the most beautiful patios in the province! As of recently, you can now purchase their beers in stores. Their brews are produced and canned locally, thanks to their new facilities. This beer is a combination of two styles: a stout and an IPA. You will find taste the comforting side of the black grains and the bitterness of the hop. As they say: “It goes down easy!”

FunkyPom, harvest 2018 (6.4%)
Savage apple flavoured Ale—Brasserie Générale (Québec)

This seasonal beer is a hybrid between a beer and a cider. The yeast naturally produced by the apple ferments in the brew to, then, be aged six months into an oak barrel. You can taste natural fermentation and apple flavours. The brew’s fruitiness and dryness are tasted at the first sip. Refreshing and funky, the FunkyPom is only available for a limited time!