March 23


The Aufguss Ritual: Invigorate your body and your mind


Try our Aufguss Rituals starting this fall. This Germain ritual guided by an Aufguss Master consist of an intense thermal cycle of thirty minute.

During this ritual inspired by our Celtic ancestors, water infused with essential oils is poured over the hot stones of the sauna to increase the ambient heat. The Aufguss master then makes movements with a towel to distribute the warmth around the sauna. Frozen fruits and ice will be served during the ritual to cool off participants.

This warm period will be followed by a stop into the nordic baths and a moment to relax to optimize the ritual benefits on the body.

Enjoy the Aufguss Rituals now for free with the purchase of a SKYSPA experience. You can try the experience on Friday and Saturdays nights and make your weekend an unforgettable and relaxing one. 

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