October 2

Stop Ghosting !


For those who are not familiar with the term ghosting, it’s like applying the same technique you would use to escape a bear in the woods, but to end a relationship: you just act dead.

Jokes aside, many singles out there are facing this problem that consists of not receiving any news or replies from someone for no explicit reason overnight. Instead of explaining the reason why the relation will not work, the person who lost interest simply disappear. Conversations go on for days, you even plan a date and then, POUF!.. One of the two correspondents vanishes into thin air. It is a rather abrupt and rude way to end a relationship…

It can become a problem when someone experiences ghosting repetitively. It can put doubts into a person’s head while, in all truth, they are just being bluntly disrespected. The “ ghosts “ often use this strategy with several people with whom they do not see a romantic potential.

Even though ghosting is not an actual crime, it still has the power to do damage. Showing respect to people who are conversing with you is the foundation of any relationship. If it doesn’t click, there is nothing better than to explain the reason it does not. It’s simple! You will make a more positive impression and the relationship will be officially over. That way, the other person will not be swimming into a pool of doubts and confusion.

As a gift, here’s a nice thing to say to avoid ghosting : “ I thank you for your time, unfortunately, it will not go further .”

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