February 27

Summer is finally here!

Summer essentials


Summer has officially arrived and Quebec is on fire! Here are two totally refreshing beers to enjoy during a hot summer day.

La blonde d’Abraham
Light Kölsch 100% Quebecois (4.1%) Collective of microbreweries of Quebec
Those who were at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste’s show got the chance to cheer to the microbreweries of Quebec with this unique collaborative brew. Nine microbreweries from Quebec city gathered to create this light beer that is too easy to drink! A few selling spots across the city still have some cans of La blonde d’Abraham in stock. A fantastic blond ale that features local producers, creators, and brewers !


Pignon sur rue
Hoppy Belgian Season Galaxy (4.8%) - Brasserie Générale (Québec)
Brasserie Générale focuses on beers that go down the “Season” style directly falls into that category with its dry, lightly sweetened, finish. We brought the Pignon sur rue to another level by adding a large amount of Galaxy hop, rather like an IPA. This exotic hop coming from Australia diffuses grapefruit aromas that blends perfectly with the Season’s fruity notes.