May 14

That Game No One Wins


Here is the real story of Luc and Gabrielle, to whom I suggested a BlinDate. They dared to go on this daunting rendez-vous that ended up lasting more than 3 hours …
After the fact, both admitted to having a wonderful evening sharing fun anecdotes; their interests, their lifestyle, and future plans. The two had a lot in common and had nothing but good things to say about each other.

They even shared that they were looking forward to a second date; as it was obvious there would be one.Phone numbers were exchanged and they were supposed to reach out to plan to meet again.

I decided to reach out to Gabrielle two days after their date to see how it went. Her response shocked me : « I haven’t contacted him since our date! I will wait for him to reach out. I don’t see why he wouldn’t : it went so well! »

I then went to Luc who told me he was also waiting for her to make the first move. His response to me suggesting that he could contact her left me perplexed : « I don’t want to look desperate!. I’m not the kind of guy who chases women! She will contact me if she’s interested, which she truly seemed like she was. »
Well, believe it or not, despite a great evening, common interests, similar goals and aspirations… this relationship was never given the opportunity to bloom. All because too many singles play the independent game despite the obvious attraction.

That game : no one wins! Don’t be like Gabrielle or Luc. Life’s too short!

Dare to contact the person you are interested in!

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