November 26

The paradoxe of choice


We always assume that having lots of option is always a good thing.

Whether it is picking a movie out of the thousands offered on Netflix, buying a new cell phone, select a realtor, or even choose a new car… all the available options have made it more difficult than ever to make a choice … especially when it comes to love and relationships.

You would think that love would only be a click or a swipe away in this digital era with all of those apps. Thousands of profiles available on our screens should make your search so much easier, shouldn’t it? Well, apparently it doesn’t! Why not? Because of the paradox of choices. We end up not knowing what to do with all the options shown on our screens. We tend to put our eggs in as many baskets as possible without truly trying to get to know someone and connect with them on a deeper level. We always tell ourselves that there’s always going to be someone else. The overwhelming pool of options is so large that we end up not choosing anyone. The choice becomes even harder when the person isn’t necessarily looking for something specific.

Therefore, I am challenging you to try and spot someone who interests you and get to know them. Try and give them a second chance, maybe a second date even! Take full advantage of the moment and, who knows, you might discover similar interests and a desire to explore what could be with this person who could possibly be THE one!

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