February 6

Things you shouldn’t do on a first date!


It’s my pleasure to share with you today, a few things that we tend to forget, but that we should try and avoid on a first date:
1- Be on time … as much as possible: Being five minutes late is fine. However, making a person wait for a half-hour is unacceptable! Cancelling last minute is also a huge DON’T! Try to be as punctual as you can. Being fashionably late isn’t cute on a first date!
2- Don’t be overdressed or underdressed: It’s important to find a balance. You want to look your best, but don’t try too hard. Stay true to yourself! I know this could sound odd, but dress as if you worked at a shoe store: not too chic, nor too casual.
3- Don’t bathe in perfume, it’s too superficial: Smelling good is one thing. It’s even necessary. One’s smell is important for some people, but it’s important not to wear too much body spray. How to wear cologne for dummies: Axe body spray ads aren’t real! No one falls head over heels for someone because of fantastic smell. Let me give you a piece of advice: Wear deodorant, be clean, smell good, but don’t empty your fragrance bottle on yourself before a date.

4- Me, myself, and I: You must not forget that there are two people on this date. Therefore, each person should be able to partake in the conversation. “I did this, and I did that. Me, me, me…” Mega DON’T!
Advice: Share a few funny anecdotes or situations that you’ve experienced. It will lighten the mood and make the other person laugh. Don’t spill all your secrets. Stay mysterious and, most of all, let the other person talk as well.
Don’t forget to pick a laid-back environment such as a walk in the city or sitting side by side at the bar, which is much less intimidating than talking face to face…
Have fun!

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