October 27

Wear it

La folle qui court


I used my bicycle quite a lot this summer and I made unfortunate realization that a large number of people do not wear a helmet. I cannot even count how many times I have seen parents of young families riding without their helmet. Why would you make your children wear them and not yourself? Because accidents only happens to others? Because it’s not aesthetically pleasing? Beyond beauty, helmets can protect your head and save your life! There is no excuse not to wear it!

You must stop thinking that nothing will ever happen because you are riding slowly with the kids. It only takes a stumble from your son who’s riding in front of you for you to fall and hurt yourself by trying to dodge him. Then, your head could hit the ground and it’s game over. I have always wondered what parents reply to their children when they ask : « Why must I wear a helmet and not you? »

The greatest cyclist in the world wear helmets. Why not you? Les than 50 dollars could save your life. It is obviously the smartest investment you could make.

I know you’re smart. Wear your helmet.